August 29, 2007

Spiritual Growth Helps Us Focus on God, not Others

Has God ever closed a door in your life that you were unable or not yet ready to close? When that happens in my life, I consider it as God’s grace and mercy to me. I may be satisfied with my present position but God is not satisfied. He seeks my good and gently nudges me in the direction I should go by closing doors.

Initially, I don’t understand, but if I depend on my understanding, my spiritual growth would come in drips, not spurts. More and more I’m learning that my walk with God is based on faith. I choose to trust God even though I don’t understand His actions.

Also, I’m learning that when God closes a door in my life, He’s asking me to wholeheartedly trust Him. Do I prefer Him or the relationship I had? For me, it’s easy to get out of balance in my relationship with others. I take on their values, likes and dislikes without realizng it. Only when God brings an end to a particular personal relationship or makes me unsettled in my spirit about a person, am I able to see that I am out of balance.

If God should close a door in your life, ask Him what He wants to teach you. Drink deeply to learn as much as possible from the experience. Then thank God for His grace and mercy to you. Ask Him to continue to guide your steps and keep you on His path for your life.  

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2 Comments on Spiritual Growth Helps Us Focus on God, not Others »

September 4, 2007

Regina Dickerson @ 8:46 am:

I read your article and I thought it was very intereting and true. I would love to get the whole book if possible. I would like to share it with friends and love ones.

October 9, 2008

Jose Sotero @ 1:06 pm:

I read the article and I liked the content. I would like to use this as part of my teaching for bible school on Sunday’s class, if is ok.

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