September 13, 2007

Dream Stealers - Do They Exist?

You have a dream planted deed within your heart. Every opportunity you find that will nurture, develop,and give birth to your dream, you investigate. But what happens when you share your dream with someone who is not yet ready to receive it? Instead of giving you the encouraging words you’re seeking, you receive discouraging words. Have you shared your dream with a dream stealer?

Not really, but you have learned a valuable lesson. Not everyone will support, encourage, or spur you on in accomplishing the desires of your heart. Don’t become discouraged. Look to the One who planted the dream in your heart. Focus on Him and trust that He is in control regardless of what is happening in your life.

Don’t discard, bury, or forget your dream. Continue to pursue it. Evaluate the people in your life. Only share your dreams with those who support and encourage you. Their encouraging words will ignite your passion and it will grow into an unquenchable roaring fire. Your dreams will be accomplished.

God is at work weaving the tiniest details into an intricate pattern in our lives. Trust Him even when it seems that He is not in control. He is. It’s just that He’s working according to His time plan, not ours.

Never, ever give up on your dreams. Prepare to accomplish your dreams, keep focused on God and trust Him to move in a way that will allow your dream to be manifested.



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