About Lessie

Hi, I’m Lessie Harvey and my desire is to share my passion and love for the Lord through writing, speaking, and training. The methods I use to share my passion vary according to my audience. Some may read my magazine articles, devotionals, books or ebooks. Others may come to know me by hearing me on teleseminars or webinars. Regardless of how our paths crossed, I am happy they did!

As a writer, speaker, and certified personality trainer, I would love to share the skills that have made me successful.

Are you interested in writing, but don’t know where to start? Do something about it! Use your gifts and talents to bring your message alive. To get you started,  I have a course for beginning writers. But writing and speaking go together like a hand and glove. Writers must also be able to verbally communicate their ideas. But that will not be a problem for you after you have taken my beginning speaker’s course. You will know how to organize, write, and pitch your ideas to others.

Sometimes, everything can go well with your pitch but you can’t seem to make a personal connection with others. That’s because you may be pitching to someone based on your personality needs rather than theirs. Once you have learned the strengths and weaknesses of The Personalities, you will be able to distinguish one personality from another and effectively relate to others. These are just some of the skills you will learn in my seminar on The Personalities. 

Is there a book inside you? Let me help you bring it to life. 


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